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Man and The Sea - Shipwrecks of Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon
Shipwrecks of Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon
1792-1949 - Shipwreck History

Over the waves of time the waters of Southwest Washington and Northwest Oregon have captured an untold number of lives – some remembered in diaries, dusty newspaper files and passing tales, and some forgotten in the cobwebs of passing years.

Man & the Sea is a book chronicling shipwrecks at the entrance to the Columbia River, its adjacent Long Beach Peninsula and Clatsop Spit.

Man & the Sea deals with a portion of maritime history surrounding the mouth of the Columbia River and its environs, specifically the somewhat horrific list of shipwrecks, groundings and mishaps dating from 1792 up through the year 1949. The Columbia River and the associated Long Beach Peninsula and Clatsop Spit have truly earned their infamous reputation as the “Graveyard of the Pacific”. The bar, in particular, can easily change it’s character from one of lucid placidness to monstrous rollers and roaring breakers within an hour’s time.


Limited hard bound editions of the book are printed on paper that washed ashore in the same location as many of these ships. This may be, therefore, the only book in the world concerning shipwrecks printed on paper that literally washed up on the beach. Read the amazing story here!

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